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As a well established California collection attorney firm, the LEVITT COLLECTION LAW practice is dedicated to exclusively representing business and commercial clients in the collection of California business and commercial claims.

Collection attorney, Donald R. Levitt, has TWENTY-NINE (29) YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in the collection and litigation of California collection cases. Throughout this period, having acquired an in-depth understanding of the California debt collection and judgment enforcement processes, Mr. Levitt has sharply honed his skills as a collection attorney which can certainly benefit you and your company. He is licensed to practice in all state courts in California and has been doing commercial collections since his first day as an attorney, having handled thousands of California collection cases.

As a collection attorney, Mr. Levitt has a broad range of collection experience with clients in such industries as advertising, computer technology, construction, equipment leasing, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications, agriculture, transportation and many more. The collection attorney practice represents all sizes of corporations and small business owners throughout the country. No debt is too large, nor too small.

Mr. Levitt prides himself as an attorney in keeping his clients well informed on the latest developments in their cases and in delivering efficient and cost effective collection and legal services. His hands-on approach involves dealing with each and every case through each step of the collection process. Our collection law firm can implement a tried and proven collection strategy for your California business needs. We invite you to call us at 559-439-3567 to find out how our collection attorney practice can be of help for your delinquent accounts receivable in the State of California.

Mr. Levitt is an aggressive yet professional debt collector. He is also an effective and efficient manager over each client's collection and litigation files. LEVITT COLLECTION LAW abides by the Federal and California Fair Debt Collection Practices Acts. Our collection attorney firm works quickly and methodically. Mr. Levitt designed our collection software which utilizes the latest cutting edge technology. Collection letters and reports can be generated from our software system and transmitted via the internet with just one click. Our collection firm stands ready to handle your California collection claims. Contact us today so we can design a a collection program suitable for your company's needs.


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